How to photograph the fireworks in Disneyland

I posted a great image of the Disney Illumination show the other week and have got some responses from people asking me how I created the shot without a tripod. In the blogpost I'll explain step by step what I did.

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How I Got the Shot Educational Guide - 2nd Edition

How I Got the Shot Educational Guide – 2nd Edition

A couple weeks ago I got approached by Tether Tools to create a 'How I got the shot' video explaining how I work and what gear I use. The video just got out and here is the promo-video for it and a way to get the full video delivered straight into your mailbox!

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DeltaLloyd headshot sessions

Behind the scenes at LinkedIn headshot sessions at Delta Lloyd

This Behind the Scenes video is shot during a corporate headshot event. You can see me get someone a killer headshot in real-time. I wasn't even aware the video got recorded, so this little behind the scenes peek is as pure and honest as possible.

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Retiro BTS

Behind the scenes Tapas Restaurant Retiro in Arnhem

Yesterday I shot the staff of Restaurant Retiro in Arnhem. Retiro had a new website created and noticed that besides the page with the restaurants' menu, the 'staff' page got a lot of traffic on the website and he wanted the visitors to meet the people working at Retiro.

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